Birthday Suit
(2016; 90 mins)

Can MEAT PALLET save Justin from the dreaded Salamander Queen???


00 Intro (Erykah Badu)

01 which Justin heads to the Hamptons on business. (Stars of the Lid)

02 which 2000 eyes regard Justin from the pine barren. (Stafford Bawler for Monument Valley)

03 which Justin is beset. (Sasha)

04 which Justin is bound and descended into the Salamander Palace. (Maribou State)

05 which Justin defends himself before a Salamander Tribunal. (Radiohead)

06 which the Salamander Queen instigates a squirmy dance party. (Thao and the Get Down Stay Down)

07 which the Palace is secretly invaded and surveiled... (Tame Impala)

08 which the Salamander Court is beset by Meat Pallet!! (Spoon)

09 which Meat Pallet are captive guests at a crunchy banquet. (Beach Boys)

10 which a hallucinatory food coma ensues. (Gossamer)

11 which Justin is honored at a Salamander Bachelor Party. (Fifth Harmony)


12 which Meat Pallet stages a breakout. A melee ensues. (Fetty Wap)

13 which the Palace implodes. (Andrew Bird)

14 which the Salamander Queen enlarges to duel Nummy Nims. (Fatboy Slim)

15 which Meat Pallet looses Justin's coldblooded bonds. (Caribou)

16 which the Gang flee to the Hamptons Village. (Posner & Seeb)

17 which Justin reveals the genesis of his abduction. (Beach House)

18 which Weaponized Chytrid has incapacitated the Village. (Jens Lekman)

19 which the Gang's Uber Driver is a Salamander. Battle ensues. (The Avalanches)

20 which Sag Harbor is forfeit. (Maribou State)

21 which the Gang are spirited back to the City. (Dave Matthews Band)

22 which Epic Closure ensues...or does it?? (Stars of the Lid)

00 Outro (Latyrx)

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