KRJ-com is honored to host the studio output of a house and breakbeat DJ who passed through San Luis Obispo years ago. We connected at a regular house party off South Street - basically a lounge where anyone could get 20 minutes on the decks. It was unclear whether this guy, like his name, was French, but I spent a year in Paris and a night in Montreal looking for him, in vain. I did find some vinyl that Mon Quai, DJ, might approve of.

Unrest (Insurgent house; 2017)Almost Live (Breaks + house; 2007)LRDyNG (Driving prog house; 2006)Leftovers (Deep house + breaks; 2005)5H1NGL35 (Serious stuff; 2006)Tumble-Sun (Euphoric breaks; 2005)Wildebeest Runneth (Party breaks + electro house; 2004)Set's Work (Tribal prog; 2003)IN64 (Progressive breaks; 2003)anisotrokandorrumm (Tech breaks, house + clubland demo; 2002)